Tuesday, June 29, 2010

our door is patriotic.

so i found so many great wreaths after i found the one that inspired me to make my spring wreath when i found inspiration for this one in the July 2010 Good Housekeeping

i had to make it. but i didnt like how some of the flags were upside down. but to make it full enough without upside-down flags, i thought first of using curling ribbon like Embellished Bayou did last spring but at the dollar tree, i could get either $3 of curling ribbon, or about $6 of pre-curled ribbon, or $1 for a red white and blue tinsel garland. and well im on a budget, and i didnt want to copy my spring wreath too much. so garland it was.

i made 2, one for our home and one for my Aunt and Uncle's house, they always host a great fireworks show and bbq on the 4th.

each wreath cost $2.10 (i made 2 for $4.20)

the base is a styrofoam circle $1 dollar tree.
the garland was also from the dollar tree for $1 but only used half of the garland on each wreath
(you can raid christmas decor for the garland red, blue or silver would work)
the flag picks were from Joann Fabrics. was 40% off of $2 so $1.20 there were more than enough of them for both wreaths, extras can be used on food on the the 4th or can make it fuller.

i painted the styrofoam base with leftover paint from a previous project then wrapped the garland around the base candy-cane style. I used a regular office stapler to attatch it.
then, i just poked the picks in. i broke some of them to make them shorter to fill in better.

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Friday, June 11, 2010


just about finished! poor Mikey was all itchy. he learned a lesson the hardway. wear long sleeves and gloves.
thanks to google, we learned also to run skin under very cold water to close the pores so the fiberglass cannot get in deeper. then use a lint-roller-esque sticky side out roll of good tape, we used packing tape, duck tape was also recommended

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


note to self: job i dont want, sheetrock delivery person. those guys worked really hard and earned their tip, a bottle of silver cuervo.