Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Secret is in the positioning.

I am a big fan of The Secret, not for it's spiritual universe given gifts, but for the change in mentality of thoughts.
Assuming the best, believing that what you need will come to you, being grateful not only for what you have but for what you will receive. All of these practices of The Secret work well because it shifts the focus and positioning to the positive side. Your life will instantly improve, even if actual facts about the situation do not change at all.
At the very least, it cannot hurt.

What reminded me of this positioning shift was reading about The Pomodoro technique for time management. One of the key points that I pulled from the forward in the free sample of the book I got on kindle was that the timer is your ally, not your enemy or your competition.

I LOVE the idea that I am working WITH the time I am given and I can be grateful for that time to get things done.
This will completely shift my thought process regarding task management.
I realize that I like getting things done, even if I don't always like actually doing them. I recognize and appreciate the difference it makes in my life when things get done. Time is a partner, a friend, an ally to help me get things done. How great a feeling that time can be my friend, my partner in crime rather than my nemesis.
I can feel myself thanking time for being provided to me and feeling very positive about it.

So far the pomodoro technique is just a theory for my purposes but if I can keep the positive positioning in mind I bet I can use this mentality not only for time management but in food choices and physical activity.
Now, I am going to say thank you and good night to my bed and imagine my bed as my assistant and utilize her capacity.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Date Night and Grateful for my Husband

Woke up with bad back pain and stiffness, in addition to my period yesterday morning.
Hubby encouraged me to not "go" to work. (I work from home so "going" = sitting at my desk for 6 hours.)
He didn't exactly wait on me hand and foot but we all had a lazy day in bed most of the day watching HIMYM.

We had a date night planned and even though I had the "sick enough to stay home from school/work = too sick to play after school/work rule" solidly implanted in my brain from my hooky playing high school days, (thanks mom!) I decided I could take another dose of a different OTC pain med, a hot shower, and move around enough to loosen my back and we could still go out.
So we went to red lobster, picked up some DVDs then to Baskin Robbins. It was really nice. I had never left Penny before for fun (only for work, which I see her ever 2 hours, or a very quick errand) but she's 7 months and in good hands with grandma. I knew my milk supply could handle missing a feed or 2, I just pumped before and after and all is well.

My husband is wonderful. He's got a bad back with pain most of the time so he understands my pain.

I cannot miss another day of work this week so I need to get up and loosen my back, take some pain meds and feel good enough to sit up in a chair for a few hours.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Big Latch On

I was so excited to participate in The Big Latch On for the 4th time this year. 
Ellie was about 6 months our first year. We were one of 5687 latches in the US alone.
When she was about 18 months she was too distracted to actually nurse at the event, but 8862 other moms latched on globally!
At about 2 and a half, she was again not willing to cooperate. 37 moms at our location and 14536 globally latched on though.
The pictures above were from later those days.
This year though she was excited for the "contest" and nursed along with Penny for more than the full minute along with the 89 other moms at our location (some of which were also tandem nursing, but only moms
count, not babies).
This year 13,798 children breastfeeding during the one-minute count
14,173 breastfeeding women attended
23,906 people attended registered Global Big Latch On locations to support breastfeeding.
After, she said "I think I won the contest!"
When mommies nurse their kids, everyone wins!
What a great experience!