Friday, June 7, 2013

Junk drawer mini challenge

I thought this was the end of the challenge until a few days later when I decided I needed more towel/napkin storage in the kitchen.
These are the 2 drawers I decided to work with. The ziplock drawer which had wasted space, and duplicate items that could live elsewhere, and the junk drawer.
I pulled the junk out of the junk drawer and moved the essential ziplocks, saran wrap, etc to the more shallow drawer,

and moved the junk drawer organizer into a funky cabinet that we do not access often. The few junk drawer items we access got moved to more accessible places. I think I will get some sort of organization system inside the cabinet door for things too but that will come. 

In the old ziplock drawer got kitchen towels/cloth napkins. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Week 1, the Kitchen, fridge front declutter

I am going to be focusing on the kitchen this week with A Bowl Full Of Lemons for the first week of the Home Organization 101. 

First up, something simple and quiet because the family is sleeping in. 
This is a regular job, I have decluttered the fridge outsides many times before but I think it makes a great impact for small effort. 

I moved some note pads to the side you can't see because it doesn't add visual clutter on that side. I took down some old notes mail and stuff. I moved the play magnets to the front door with the others. I took some potholders down and put them in the kitchen linen drawer instead.
On the counter next to the fridge I moved a few big bottles of vitamins up into the spice cabinet, where there was plenty of room thanks to my pantry organization.

This week of kitchen organization should be fun thanks to A Bowl Full of Lemons!
Home Organization 101 Season 3