Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bedsharing on Vacation

It is especially helpful to bedshare on vacation when it can be harder for littles to fall asleep and the desperately need it.
This is one way to keep a little from rolling off the bed since hotel beds aren't usually against walls. I put the backs of the chairs against her side of the bed, added suit cases and garbage cans to stuff between the chairs and the wall to keep the chairs from shifting. Added a blanket, pillow pet and book from home helps for sure.

On our latest trip, there weren't any chairs so I moved both night stands on to one side and pulled one down from the head if the bed a bit just in case.

These solutions work great for an older bedsharer, not for a newborn who can slip between slim gaps.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

3 Stars

So I'm laying in bed feeling really sad, disappointed, ashamed, let down and mad.
Details aren't necessary so I'll just say someone (2 someone's actually) close to me and my daughters let Ellie down today. In a big way.

I posted a vague Facebook status about being upset. (Which I rarely post anything negative, I was/am REALLY upset.) Someone commented "smile". I don't know if it was a suggestion, or an offering, or what but I was reminded that I can actively change my feelings about things.

It's not often that I even feel a reason to do this but I have this tattoo of 3 stars on my ankle. The symbolism is to think of 3 good things about a day or a situation or a person or whatever when you're feeling upset about something.

This act of trying to think of positives, or lights in the dark improves my mood about something.

So my 3 stars today:

Had a meeting with my manager at work and he was raving about me and asked me to help coach a coworker of mine, so I'll be doing some work with her next week, which I'm excited about. Also I ended the week having met one main goal and having improved significantly on another main goal.

I got to see my mom and dad and my mom was proud of me for my recent milk donation, and we got to talk a bit about that. My mom is very supportive of my breastfeeding and milksharing and nip.

I got new plants to plant in my deck rail planter boxes. The planter boxes have brought me disappointment in myself whenever I think of them. Hubby bought them for me year before last and bought enough flowers to fill them with plants and they died because I never transplanted them to new soil and neglected them. (Party because they weren't right for the sun level and not hearty) Hubby has given me a (playfully teasing) hard time about them for 2 years and I have given myself an even harder time about them. I want to be a good home keeper and have a nice deck. Well today I spent too much money but got enough little plants to fill up my planters and look forward to a nice pretty plant lined deck.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Office day.

I decided the rest of the house could be ignored for a day if I was going to ever get into my office. I have tried 25 or so mins at a time and I just can't get into a groove or see any results when I try that so I took a day to work in the office whenever I wasn't taking care of the girls.

I also tried to keep my "do it now" hat on.
Awhile back I had to move a small dresser out of the living room to make room for penny's swing. It got tucked in basically the middle of the office and piled with stuff. The drawers were mostly empty but it just say there.
I started with the goal to put in on the wall where I had a stack of ( ironically) organization baskets and bins.
This is what I did in the room today:
Found our traeger cover (purchased last October), wiped the traeger off and put the cover on.
Found a paper for an item hubby wanted me to order, found it online and got it all ready to order for hubby to enter credit card numbers (he's got the card we will use).
Moved some wood we had cut to use as bed lifts to under the bed (didn't lift the bed, just put them there)
Put away a laundry basket full of misc craft stuff.
Found my college grad hat/tassel and put it in a clear ornament a la Pinterest and put the ornament in a box to take to attic.
Moved a chair out of the room.
Moved the empty dresser into its new place, hung a canvas organizing thing on the wall, hung my gift wrap rolls basket, hung a random photo I found of hubby and I.
Finally filled up a new ribbon storage idea I had- poked the spools onto a paper towel holder, and managed to stuff all loose ribbon in my previously overflowing ribbon box.
Moved a few boxes of stuff out to put in the attic.
Nearly cleared off a large overflowing table/ desk.
Purged some shoe boxes I was saving forever.
Found my power drill and plugged it in to charge for a project I paused a week ago because I couldn't find my drill. (now to find the bit)
Stacked and sorted a bunch of craft supplies.
Filled one of the empty drawers.
I am sure I did more but I'm not thinking of it all.
I didn't take pictures like I should have but I just wanted to work. I think I have some old pics of some of the craziness though. I'll see and add them with some afters.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Grateful for sharing.

A few months back, on Eats on Feets's Facebook page I read a post from an adoptive mom in my town looking for milk for her adopted baby who was not yet born.
I have been pumping most every day since Penny was 6 weeks old. A few nights a week while I'm working, Penny needs a bottle. I pump 2-4 times more than she drinks, and we have never needed to use anything from the freezer.
The new baby was born a few weeks ago and her Daddy picked up milk from us the other day. It was a great feeling to be able to share our liquid gold with his daughter.
I hope to be able to continue donating milk to this family.
I am very grateful for the modern day milksharing opportunity, for my pump, and for my body for producing enough to exclusively bm feed Penny, to nurse Ellie a few times a day and to pump for their adopted milksister.

Baby Led Solids

Penny is 4 months old now and very very interested in eating. But, we will wait. We learned about readiness signs and virgin gut with Ellie and waited until 5.5 months. I've learned more and plan to delay solids until at least 6 months, possibly longer before starting BLW with Penny. While she is very interested, mimics us and reaches for food we are eating, she is not yet sitting unassisted and not consistently able to bring items to her mouth, it is still far too early.

BLW stands for Baby led weaning (the concept was made popular in the UK where "weaning" means "starting food" where here in the USA we use "weaning" to mean "off of something". Some people use the term "baby led solids". This is not to be confused with Child Led a Weaning which is a term used for allowing a child to wean off of nursing at their own pace at their own time.

Baby Led Solids is the solids feeding philosophy that believes that a child doesn't need solids until she is capable of feeding herself foods rather than spoon feeding. This means for most families that they wait to offer solids until baby is at least 6 months old.
Some BLW families give baby just whatever the family is eating, others are more selective about what is offered to baby. Some follow the "new food every few days to watch for reactions" rule. Others only watch for and/or delay certain allergens.
For us we gave fruit or veg or meat from our meals. We delayed grains until near the 12 month mark and very minimal until after 2 years old. Ellie had some trouble with dairy in my diet when she was exclusively breastfeeding so we waited to try cow dairy until about 18 months.

The menu will vary from family to family and is customizable. Many families skip cereals.
The biggest difference with BLW is that the food is placed in front of baby and baby brings it to her mouth rather than it being spoon fed. Foods aren't mashed or pureed. Foods are soft cooked (if needed), cut int steak-fries size or very soft foods into pea sized. Baby is in control of how fast/slow how much or how little they eat and when they're finished. Normally spoon-eaten foods (apple sauce yogurt etc) are either licked off of baby's fingers or baby can dip/lick the spoon or are offered with preloaded spoons set on the high hair tray.
Some babies will eat a lot others will not. The key is the child leads the process. Most parents agree than solids are just for fun, practice and exploration until about 1 year old and not to worry about quantity as long as baby is primarily breast or formula fed as that supplies all of their nutrients.

If you're more curious about BLW there's a book, Facebook page and blogs you can read.

This is my opinion of BLW compared to spoon feeding purees.

I think, babyled teaches them, allows them to listen to their bodies much more than if theyre spoon fed, Right from the beginning. They won't be eating too much, which can set them up for healthy eating habits for life. Also, babies fed cereal might get a taste for simple carbs and not for a variety of foods. Baby led introduces babies to a wide variety of foods, which can encourage a love for a range of nutrients in healthy foods and prevent picky eaters. IN my opinion it's not just the "to chew or not to chew?" question. It's the beginning of their relationship with food. The exploration and play encourages physically, cognitively, emotionally, and socially positive development. Pinching peas, grasping slippery peaches, using two hands for watermelon wedges, chewing on warm steak, losing grip on green beans, smearing refried beans all around. These things are awesome for development and there isn't a spoon-fed equivalent to the exploration and play.

Also, the BLS baby learns how to handle food in her mouth while the gag reflex is stronger. A spoon fed baby doesn't learn how to chew before they swallow until after the gag reflex moves back and relaxes, increasing the likeliness of choking.

At meal times, the BLS baby is actively participating in the family connection, as is the parent who is able to eat, talk and enjoy his/her meal with the family. Often spoonfed babies are fed separately and not learning the social aspect of meals and emotional experience of family meal times from the get-go.

We were very happy with the process and result of doing BLW with Ellie and look forward to starting with Penny, but not until we are certain she is ready.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

LLL leadership

One of the 2 LLL leaders in Salem reached out to the Facebook group looking for moms interested in becoming leaders. I had thought of that a year and a half ago and didn't do anything other than buy and read a The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and go to a few meetings.
Yesterday I met with the leader and a few other m&ms who were interested in the role and I'm very excited to start the process!
My plan is to replace my current Facebook and phone game addiction with reading TWAOB more and other recommended readings.
I'm really excited!

Friday, May 9, 2014


I am making 2 big changes currently.
I am cutting back on my phone addiction and watching what I eat.

I expect this to have a positive effect on my mood, my parenting, and my home.

I am finding it a rewarding challenge.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

1169 or grateful -#5

That is how many days I have been breastfeeding.
105 tandeming.

I am grateful every day for the easy time I have had of breastfeeding.
I am grateful for my support system, my education, my lifestyle that is conducive to breastfeeding, my employer (I know I mentioned that last time), and my community.
I am grateful for my husband (part of my support system but deserves double mention) for his AP like-mindedness, his dedication to family, his awareness of what is important and his selflessness.

We may not be on day 1169 without such support.