Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Backaches are a pain. 6.22.16

Saturday I messed up my back. :( Sunday it started hurting and I found I couldn't bend over at the family reunion. After driving home I was so stiff I could hardly walk. A bunch of otc meds and I couldn't make it through my short shift at work.
Found an old Vicodin from when I sprained my ankle 3 years ago in the (nicely organized) cabinet. That eased the pain, sort of.
Monday I (mistakenly) took the kids to the park, came home and worked for an hour but the pain was making me nauseous, so I went to the doc, got some muscle relaxers and more Vicodin.
Tuesday I was able to work all day thanks to the meds and heating pad.
Wednesday I used just the heating pad, only a couple times did I consider taking the meds.

Sunday night when I was feeling rested and at the peak of the Vicodin, with help from the girls, I got the living room and bathroom picked up and dishes ran. I decided to do minimally sweeping&pick-up each day. If I can do it in pain with minimal mobility I can do it every day. I employed the kids to help.
We have been picking-up before bed each day now and I'm hoping it'll be habit to continue with.
I recognize that the cleanliness of the floor makes a difference in my stress level and the kid's are more apt to play if the floor is clear. Not wanting to add stress to my backache, I decided sweeping/picking up the floor is a new nonnegotiable (ala A Slob Comes Clean blog) plus I can't risk stepping on something and slipping!
We have completed days 1-4 so far!
When my back is better I'll add finishing dishes nightly to the nonnegotiable list. I've been running the DW each day, but I've just had to wash pans and large stuff as needed this week because I cannot stand washing dishes long enough to do more than minimum. 

For the month of June I set a goal to not eat fast food and eat the food in the house before buying new food. We tend to keep a full freezer and pantry. I did really well on the not buying new dinner food stuff idea except for some frozen pizzas (to help avoid fast food). Our microwave broke a few weeks ago so this is making it extra challenging, but doable.
The only day we bought fast food with my approval was Sunday evening, and I didn't even care.
Hubby has gotten himself/girls fast food a few times but not on my watch. I can only control myself.

So it's late Wednesday night now and I'm quite uncomfortable. Rolling over is quite painful. If I don't fall asleep soon, I'm taking a Vicodin.

Wish me a fast recovery!