Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Day 5!

Today was a good flying day. I made hot breakfast, tracked calories, loaded breakfast dishes (I had unloaded DW before bed) did 15 mins of a workout video, went for a short walk outside with Penny.
A few times at work I had a chance to walk in place. On lunch break I ate a healthy portioned lunch and tracked calories and loaded lunch dishes, and ran the DW. On last break I planned dinner and took chicken out to thaw.
After work I made a home cooked meal, tracked the calories and stuck to my portions. While dinner was cooking I unloaded the dish washer, reloaded with a few things and washed the large dinner prep dishes.
After dinner I cleaned up, loaded all the dinner dishes. Then I spent nearly 2 hours cleaning the play room. Then swept the entire apartment made a calorie portioned snack and watched a movie. Near the end of the movie I walked in place for 20 mins.
After the movie I picked up, and started the DW with snack dishes added. Sink, floor, and counter are shiny. The playroom isn't 100%, but the girls played so wonderfully in it after I cleaned!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Day 4: bathroom!

I planned on taking it mostly easy today and just getting the bathroom floor picked up at some point. I filled the partial laundry basket with a few big towels off the floor first thing this morning. Then I decided to veg out on the couch, but o couldn't get Netflix to work and while I was trying Penny (2yr) peed on the floor. I used dirty towels to clean it up but decided she should have a bath. While she bathed I started cleaning the bathroom. First thing was to put away stuff on the changing table, which included a bunch of new hair accessories (we're still in the gift bag, from February) which meant making room in the hair stuff drawers: 
I tried to put them all away in the 1 drawer when I realized that I need 2 drawers. I couldnt say exactly what was in the top drawer so I decided to clear it out for a second hair stuff drawer:

Turns out this drawer was random stuff that fr the most part actually had other homes. There were a bunch of samples and hotel bottles of shampoo and stuff. A few vacations ago I bought this little travel set:

with intentions of filling them up for travel use, but was too busy last few vacations to get it done. So I spent a little time filling them up with all the samples and hotel bottles and the regular bottles. I also used one to scrub the toilet (soap is soap). 

I tossed out some other items that I have been saving with the idea i might use them evenutally, and never have, stuck a Biore strip to my nose, a random teeth whitening tray in my mouth ( I never think to use these on a regular routine, only ever when decluttering.) 

I wanted to get the floor clean (my original goal) but I needed a laundry basket for the laundry so I put a load away, then when I got the laundry gathered, I switched the clothes, and put another load away!

Later, I cleared off the counter and used more shampoo samples to clean the sink. 
Later, I finally did sweep the floor, wiped the front of the cabinet, the back of the toilet and filled the soap dispensers in the shower.

And the kicker, I kept the kitchen cleaned up all day, made home made dinner, and cleaned up after myself, and after dinner too! GO ME!

Day 4 of cleaning/keeping clean

It was so nice to wake to a clean kitchen this morning! I actually emptied the DW first thing. I decided to spend a minute organizing the glasses cupboard:
I purged a few items and put a few items where they should have been put to begin with. 
Then, rather than dumping the silverware in the drawer like I have been the last few times (to save time, which really did not save time in the end because I had to spend time to straighten it up.)

Thank you Penny for your help! 
And look, I do have plenty of kid spoons, who knew? 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Day 2 and 3 of cleaning/keeping clean

Saturday I don't really know what I did, watched tv? Rested? Nothing about the house. Ellie and I had a great date-night, pizza and a play. Then we had to stop by the grocery store.
Sunday Morning I woke up feeling sicker and had to work. I was so pleased with how much i got done on Friday that I ignored the mess all day Saturday and Sunday:
After making turkey dumpling soup for dinner (thanks to my last November self for prepping the turkey and bones so soup tonight would be super easy. 
After vegging out with my soup and reading more of A Slob Comes Clean early days blog posts, I got off the bed and went to the kitchen:
That little pile of plastic ware is my purge pile. 
Normally, I leave dishes to dry overnight. But I decided to put the dishes away, in doing so, I realized I needed to tidy the cupboard: 
I sure do love a shiny sink! 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Back at it, more of the house

I kept momentum after working on the bedroom to keep cleaning the living room (it's really just 1 big room, partitioned off).

I got this little area in front of the toy and book shelves tidyd up. And the floor in front of the TV.

I swept all the small stuff on the floor into a pile and sorted and picked it up.

Then I moved up to the counter and moved from one side to the other.

This is when it was time to leave to go out to dinner with family.
When I got home, I finished the kitchen! 

Day 1 ended great! 

Back at it in the bedroom.

I've been on and off the housecleaning wagon a lot since I last blogged, but Im hoping it'll get me motivated again. I've been reading A Slob Comes Clean from her beginning and realizing that I just need to stick to it.
I spent much of Friday cleaning up. Im going to focus on keeping it up. Meanwhile the family has colds so it may be extra challenging.
Here is what I got done Friday: I decided to start at one side of the house and work my way to the kitchen at the other side.

Cleaned side of the bed and night stands:

Then put away a bunch of laundry:
Organized/purged the linen chest
In order to change the sheets:
Tackled the stuff on the floor near the wardrobes:
And the dresser top:
I also swept out under the best best I could:

(Not all of that was from under the bed, some was random little stuff from the rest of the bedroom floor. Usually when I need to clean floors I sweep everything that won't break get nastier or spill into one big pile, then sit at the pile with a trash bag laundry basket and misc container. I pull out big trash, laundry (shaking dirt off) and misc stuff. Then I stand and sweep the leftover dirt like a normal sweeper person. This saves me from bending over a bunch of times and running all about the house taking single items to put away. I end up with a basket that I can take to each room with dishes, hair ties, craft stuff, etc)

Next I decided it was time to pack up the rest of the Easter stuff. And the random stuff that was piled up on this dresser.

A month or so ago I had visions of an indoor garden-ish space for garden plant starts and house plants since I don't have another good purpose for this space and it just becomes a catch all, plus it is right next to window.