Sunday, April 24, 2016

Day 2 and 3 of cleaning/keeping clean

Saturday I don't really know what I did, watched tv? Rested? Nothing about the house. Ellie and I had a great date-night, pizza and a play. Then we had to stop by the grocery store.
Sunday Morning I woke up feeling sicker and had to work. I was so pleased with how much i got done on Friday that I ignored the mess all day Saturday and Sunday:
After making turkey dumpling soup for dinner (thanks to my last November self for prepping the turkey and bones so soup tonight would be super easy. 
After vegging out with my soup and reading more of A Slob Comes Clean early days blog posts, I got off the bed and went to the kitchen:
That little pile of plastic ware is my purge pile. 
Normally, I leave dishes to dry overnight. But I decided to put the dishes away, in doing so, I realized I needed to tidy the cupboard: 
I sure do love a shiny sink! 

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