Monday, April 25, 2016

Day 4: bathroom!

I planned on taking it mostly easy today and just getting the bathroom floor picked up at some point. I filled the partial laundry basket with a few big towels off the floor first thing this morning. Then I decided to veg out on the couch, but o couldn't get Netflix to work and while I was trying Penny (2yr) peed on the floor. I used dirty towels to clean it up but decided she should have a bath. While she bathed I started cleaning the bathroom. First thing was to put away stuff on the changing table, which included a bunch of new hair accessories (we're still in the gift bag, from February) which meant making room in the hair stuff drawers: 
I tried to put them all away in the 1 drawer when I realized that I need 2 drawers. I couldnt say exactly what was in the top drawer so I decided to clear it out for a second hair stuff drawer:

Turns out this drawer was random stuff that fr the most part actually had other homes. There were a bunch of samples and hotel bottles of shampoo and stuff. A few vacations ago I bought this little travel set:

with intentions of filling them up for travel use, but was too busy last few vacations to get it done. So I spent a little time filling them up with all the samples and hotel bottles and the regular bottles. I also used one to scrub the toilet (soap is soap). 

I tossed out some other items that I have been saving with the idea i might use them evenutally, and never have, stuck a Biore strip to my nose, a random teeth whitening tray in my mouth ( I never think to use these on a regular routine, only ever when decluttering.) 

I wanted to get the floor clean (my original goal) but I needed a laundry basket for the laundry so I put a load away, then when I got the laundry gathered, I switched the clothes, and put another load away!

Later, I cleared off the counter and used more shampoo samples to clean the sink. 
Later, I finally did sweep the floor, wiped the front of the cabinet, the back of the toilet and filled the soap dispensers in the shower.

And the kicker, I kept the kitchen cleaned up all day, made home made dinner, and cleaned up after myself, and after dinner too! GO ME!

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