Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Day 5!

Today was a good flying day. I made hot breakfast, tracked calories, loaded breakfast dishes (I had unloaded DW before bed) did 15 mins of a workout video, went for a short walk outside with Penny.
A few times at work I had a chance to walk in place. On lunch break I ate a healthy portioned lunch and tracked calories and loaded lunch dishes, and ran the DW. On last break I planned dinner and took chicken out to thaw.
After work I made a home cooked meal, tracked the calories and stuck to my portions. While dinner was cooking I unloaded the dish washer, reloaded with a few things and washed the large dinner prep dishes.
After dinner I cleaned up, loaded all the dinner dishes. Then I spent nearly 2 hours cleaning the play room. Then swept the entire apartment made a calorie portioned snack and watched a movie. Near the end of the movie I walked in place for 20 mins.
After the movie I picked up, and started the DW with snack dishes added. Sink, floor, and counter are shiny. The playroom isn't 100%, but the girls played so wonderfully in it after I cleaned!

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