Friday, April 22, 2016

Back at it in the bedroom.

I've been on and off the housecleaning wagon a lot since I last blogged, but Im hoping it'll get me motivated again. I've been reading A Slob Comes Clean from her beginning and realizing that I just need to stick to it.
I spent much of Friday cleaning up. Im going to focus on keeping it up. Meanwhile the family has colds so it may be extra challenging.
Here is what I got done Friday: I decided to start at one side of the house and work my way to the kitchen at the other side.

Cleaned side of the bed and night stands:

Then put away a bunch of laundry:
Organized/purged the linen chest
In order to change the sheets:
Tackled the stuff on the floor near the wardrobes:
And the dresser top:
I also swept out under the best best I could:

(Not all of that was from under the bed, some was random little stuff from the rest of the bedroom floor. Usually when I need to clean floors I sweep everything that won't break get nastier or spill into one big pile, then sit at the pile with a trash bag laundry basket and misc container. I pull out big trash, laundry (shaking dirt off) and misc stuff. Then I stand and sweep the leftover dirt like a normal sweeper person. This saves me from bending over a bunch of times and running all about the house taking single items to put away. I end up with a basket that I can take to each room with dishes, hair ties, craft stuff, etc)

Next I decided it was time to pack up the rest of the Easter stuff. And the random stuff that was piled up on this dresser.

A month or so ago I had visions of an indoor garden-ish space for garden plant starts and house plants since I don't have another good purpose for this space and it just becomes a catch all, plus it is right next to window.

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