Monday, November 2, 2015

Chest Freezer Organization

I would LOVE a standing freezer for organization reasons but this was a gift, a very generous gift, so we use what we have.
After years of digging through trying random baskets and stuff, I finally read this idea and LOVED it.

I've collected random shopping bags from various stores or promotional bags that I could use different colors for each category. I did this about a year ago and it's been working beautifully so I decided to share it!

It's easy to pull everything out to get to what I'm looking for in the bottom because it's all in bags.

I just pulled everything out, sorted by category and made a list. Easy peasy. I try to keep the list updated so I can tell what I have for meal planning.
The list sits on top with a magnet (so it doesn't slide off when we open it).

Most commonly used foods are in the fridge freezer.

Do not leave an entire bag of food out on the floor after getting something out. Make sure you get it all back inside!

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