Friday, May 23, 2014

Office day.

I decided the rest of the house could be ignored for a day if I was going to ever get into my office. I have tried 25 or so mins at a time and I just can't get into a groove or see any results when I try that so I took a day to work in the office whenever I wasn't taking care of the girls.

I also tried to keep my "do it now" hat on.
Awhile back I had to move a small dresser out of the living room to make room for penny's swing. It got tucked in basically the middle of the office and piled with stuff. The drawers were mostly empty but it just say there.
I started with the goal to put in on the wall where I had a stack of ( ironically) organization baskets and bins.
This is what I did in the room today:
Found our traeger cover (purchased last October), wiped the traeger off and put the cover on.
Found a paper for an item hubby wanted me to order, found it online and got it all ready to order for hubby to enter credit card numbers (he's got the card we will use).
Moved some wood we had cut to use as bed lifts to under the bed (didn't lift the bed, just put them there)
Put away a laundry basket full of misc craft stuff.
Found my college grad hat/tassel and put it in a clear ornament a la Pinterest and put the ornament in a box to take to attic.
Moved a chair out of the room.
Moved the empty dresser into its new place, hung a canvas organizing thing on the wall, hung my gift wrap rolls basket, hung a random photo I found of hubby and I.
Finally filled up a new ribbon storage idea I had- poked the spools onto a paper towel holder, and managed to stuff all loose ribbon in my previously overflowing ribbon box.
Moved a few boxes of stuff out to put in the attic.
Nearly cleared off a large overflowing table/ desk.
Purged some shoe boxes I was saving forever.
Found my power drill and plugged it in to charge for a project I paused a week ago because I couldn't find my drill. (now to find the bit)
Stacked and sorted a bunch of craft supplies.
Filled one of the empty drawers.
I am sure I did more but I'm not thinking of it all.
I didn't take pictures like I should have but I just wanted to work. I think I have some old pics of some of the craziness though. I'll see and add them with some afters.

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