Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Date Night and Grateful for my Husband

Woke up with bad back pain and stiffness, in addition to my period yesterday morning.
Hubby encouraged me to not "go" to work. (I work from home so "going" = sitting at my desk for 6 hours.)
He didn't exactly wait on me hand and foot but we all had a lazy day in bed most of the day watching HIMYM.

We had a date night planned and even though I had the "sick enough to stay home from school/work = too sick to play after school/work rule" solidly implanted in my brain from my hooky playing high school days, (thanks mom!) I decided I could take another dose of a different OTC pain med, a hot shower, and move around enough to loosen my back and we could still go out.
So we went to red lobster, picked up some DVDs then to Baskin Robbins. It was really nice. I had never left Penny before for fun (only for work, which I see her ever 2 hours, or a very quick errand) but she's 7 months and in good hands with grandma. I knew my milk supply could handle missing a feed or 2, I just pumped before and after and all is well.

My husband is wonderful. He's got a bad back with pain most of the time so he understands my pain.

I cannot miss another day of work this week so I need to get up and loosen my back, take some pain meds and feel good enough to sit up in a chair for a few hours.

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