Saturday, October 30, 2010

invite this guy to your halloween party

I got the idea for the super yummy mummy from a Taste of Home Halloween fun food magazine, where they had used cheese logs covered in piped cream cheese. well cheese logs are expensive and never get eaten all the way. I had already planned on making brownies (got a new brownie pan & brownie mix for a wedding gift) and I had leftover home made cream cheese frosting from wedding cupcakes.
Wilton Bake It Better 12-Cavity Bar Pan
The brownie pan only made a little under 1 box of mix, so I used a regular small rectangle cake pan (also a wedding gift) for the rest of the batter. Using a regular knife I shaped the head/torso out of the full pan and added the individual squares as the appendages, and cut them in half for the shoulder/hips(cut on diagonal) and arms (cut lengthwise). The legs are 2 full bars. Some scrap from around the head became the eyes.

Then I cut a slit in a freezer Ziploc (usually I use cheaper storage Ziplocs, but the cream cheese was cold and i didn't want the bag to split) to pipe on the bandages.
total project cost
$FR.EE, (well whatever about a cup of oil and 4 eggs and an hour of electricity costs)
but if you weren't gifted the brownie mix and didn't have leftover frosting, it would cost about $3ish for the mix, cream cheese, powdered sugar, eggs, oil etc.

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