Monday, May 6, 2013

Super Mario Birthday Card

My **Favorite** nephew had a Super Mario Galaxy Birthday Party this year. This was his birthday card. Instead of a vine piranha plant coming out of a ? block, it came out of a 7 block. I used my friend's Cricut Gypsy. She had the "rivet block" (I think that's what it was called), the leaf, the 7, the circle and the < shape. I lined up the leaves with dashes to cut out from a tag cut. I cut vinyl rivets out of leftover vinyl. The plant head was cut from polka dot paper and constructed using 2 mirrored heads glued together. The vine is dark green curling ribbon. I hand wrote the message.
My original idea was that these could be invitations, but it was a little too time consuming for multiples. The envelop was a reused envelop from a previous card, I had leftover red polka dot napkin rings that I used to cover the previous name, and more ribbon to fancy it up.

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