Sunday, October 6, 2013

Yet another Medicine Cabinet Improvement

It is a small space and was working very well for us, except the yucky little jar our toothbrushes stood up in. An impulse buy along with our new toothbrushes sparked this little update.

 Bought a pack of these for $1.87 at Walmart
 I knew they would not suction to the inside of the medicine cabinet where I wanted them, so I pulled out my trusty Command Strips and cut one to fit the back.

 I pulled the suction cup off and attached the Command Strip
I did a test fitting of the toothbrush holders and sadly they were not big enough. I knew that I wouldnt bother returning them for a $2 refund so I decided to see if I could make them work. Cue kitchen shears. 

 A little recap!
You may notice that the magnet strip that hung in the top left of the bottom section of the cabinet is missing, yeah I love the command strips but there was a sticker on the back of the magnet strip that did not hold and it fell off. I need to hot glue half of the Velcro-type Command strips to the magnet strip so that I can rehang my metal bathroom tools. It is the project drawer for someday.

I actually did this quite a while ago (I'm a slow blogger) and I can say that the command strips have held on well and we are loving hanging our brushes up!

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