Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cliche New a Year Weight Loss Resolution

I am doing the cliche New Years thing. Not because there is anything magical about the changing calendar but because the holidays are over and things are settling down and I will be better able to focus on my goals. 

I haven't been going crazy eating everything in the house but I've not been counting anything and won't until New Year's Day. 

I have been throwing away leftover goodies, everything sweet left after our Christmas party the 28th was thrown away. The gingerbread train my daughter made is gone. Goodie plates 1&2 are gone (mostly eaten partly trashed) and #3 is getting tossed tomorrow. Leftover Halloween candy was pitched. Tomorrow I purge the snack baskets of anything I can't portion into 100cal baggies. 

Santa didn't put any candy in any stockings (except 1 smallish piece of locally made gourmet fudge). 

We ate the last freezer party pizza and lays chips today. 

In the fridge are some large bags of salad, and in the freezer some chicken and turkey and fish and lots of frozen veg to get us by until the first big shopping trip after the 3rd when we get foodstamps. 

I've been wearing my "wearable" aka activity tracker bracelet so I got used to wearing it. I've only slightly been trying to get more steps in so far, but I have bean wearing Penny on my back a lot more lately (due to necessity) so that's good. 

(More on the tracker later) 

My husband and in-laws are on board too! All are gearing up and committed to cutting carbs and shrinking portion sizes. If an easy meal says it'll feed 4, us 4Adults+1 kid+1baby can share it if we add a bunch of veggies and salad and lean protein. (I say this because I do have a couple frozen family style dinners in the freezer still and we usually make 2 and eat most of both. I just cannot afford to throw any food (other than sugary cookies & candy) away so we will portion what we have and avoid buying junky foods going forward. 

One we have is a chicken Alfredo pasta bake, add in a bunch of chopped cooked chicken and broccoli (and not add cheese like usual) and we can stretch the carbs thinner and lower each persons calorie intake by A LOT while increasing protein and fiber.

Sometimes we eat with my in-laws but usually we don't. If a meal element says it serves 4 we will serve 2 portions to a freezer bowl and into the freezer for another meal and limit ourselves to what's left. 

My other resolution is to do better at cleaning house. The added activity will definitely help. I get roughly 200 steps for each trip to reboot laundry and slightly more than that taking trash out. 

Playing outside with Ellie is another goal of mine, I can walk laps while she plays independently. 

Bring on the new year! 

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