Wednesday, March 24, 2010

no wheelbarrows!

yesterday, the crew dug some holes for the concrete pads where the deck posts will be.

today, the concrete mixer came and i could NOT believe how easy it was, they pulled the hugemungo truck around, backed it up a little and extended the pourer dealys (yes thats the technical term)

we thought for sure we would have to wheel barrow the cement to the farthest back pads, but no, the truck was awesome. i may be easily impressed, but i thought the r/c roboticness of it all was pretty cool. the truck driver had all 6 pads poured in like 15 mins, no wheelbarrows, no mixing!

then our amazing crew smoothed them out and put the post holder bracket thingys in where they were supposed to be, leveled them out and let the hardening of the sun do the rest!

next step, 6"x6" posts and a 10'x20' deck!

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