Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Viva Las Vegas BABY!

I woke up this morning to KUPL calling to say I won tickets to see Kenny Chesney. In Vegas! Including: 2 round trip plane tickets via Southwest and 2 nights at MGM. I'm so friggin excited!

rewind a couple weeks...

So my Favorite sister Rachel is a fan of KUPL on fb and found out they were doing a "meet and eat" offereing free shortstacks at IHOP and giving away tickets to see The Lion King Live!! We really want to take PJ to see that, and the breakfast happened to be on PJs birthday. Rachel set her alarm for 5:50 in the morning and wakes Aunt Sarah, PJ, and I up and we head out to IHOP.
We didnt even know about the Kenny Chesney tickets, and didnt pay much attention to that part of the breakfast...
Enjoying our free breakfast, KUPL also had a raffle, I ended up winning a Sarah Buxton CD, Rachel's ticket # was called out, but she gave it to PJ, when he went to get his download or some other lame prize and they traded it for Curious George 2, (which ended up being better than the 1st one IMHO).
Then Sam from KUPL talked to us on air and gave PJ another DVD, Handy Manny's Motorcycle Adventure and a tshirt. Sarah also won a tshirt that matched PJ's, they say "I'm so much cooler online".

We were all kinda bummed that we didn't end up getting Lion King tickets that day...

As much as i would have loved taking PJ to see it, (and seeing it myself), I'm pretty friggen happy for me and Mikey to have a pre-wedding-moon!

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