Thursday, April 1, 2010

1920s Flapper dress...

So Mikey and I were invited to a murder mystery dinner party this weekend. I am supposed to play a Flapper Girl.
My first thought that was that it was going to be kinda lame and corney, but the more i think about it, this should be fun. Mikey reminded me, I get to play dress up!

After googling, "how to make a flapper costume" I thought, "hey, I can do that!" so off to thrift stores we go!
I found this straight tank dress at Value Village for $9.99 (it fit perfectly, but I forgot to take a picture of it on me)
then got some fringe and sequins at Hancock Fabrics and called my mommy. She's pretty crafty and, has an, albeit somewhat messy, sewing room and her machine isn't buried behind lord knows how much stuff and junk in storage as mine is. Gosh I cannot wait for my own hobby room to be ready... but that's another blog...

The dress was too long, so my mom hemmed it.
(see the macramé bunny? told you my mom is crafty)

We knew we wanted some of the fringe on the bottom, so a-pinning and a-sewing she went.

(my mom could totally be a hand model for Nancy Zieman)

Sewing the fringe on, we found pinning wasn't really
working because the dress was kinda stretchy...

I decided I wanted another row of fringe along the bottom. so I made a measuring card and Len got me a sharpie I marked where the next row should go...


...and sewed it on.


Ta Da!

Next, I put the dress on and had my dad chime in on his opinion where the next row of fringe should go, you know, because he remembers the 20s fashion... jk my dad isn't that old...
Apparently we didn't take pictures of the middle row of fringe!
Sorry Lenna, but your boobs aren't quite big enough for you to be my mannequin yet...

After the middle was done, I had less fringe left than I thought, so we changed the plan a bit. Instead of going around the neckline, I decided on across the front, but had to scrunch the straps a bit to make it fit. I think it looks neat scrunched

And the fringe is done... next step, sequins!,
because it really wouldn't be dress-up without sequins!

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