Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The organizing returns! Ellie's Book Case

I have been away from organizing for a while. I have been blogging occasionally on my weight loss blog and my blog for Ellie, but I missed the household stuff blogging. Here is a quick organization that I did in like half an hour.

My hubby brought some children's books he had collected over the years up from storage. And put them on the.kitchen.counter.

And they stayed there for like a week.

After contemplating putting them in the craft room/office, I decided if we wanted access to them, I'd better not.
I had considered moving the video game stuff on this book case:

(You can see the organization inside those boxes here)
into the drawer under the tv, (currently just a bunch of junk)

The boxes they were in looked nice on the shelf, it seemed like a shame to put them in a drawer, I decided though, that I needed to get the books off my counter, and under the TV was a logical place for the games and accesories.
I emptied the drawer, the junk was relocated (mostly to the junk drawer below it)

and put the play station and Wii stuff in the drawer,

and because they fit and needed a new home, Ellie's baby DVDs.

The books moved to the newfound space on the book shelf. Also I found that wooden picture frame on the shelf from our wedding (in October) and put a picture in it (was also on that shelf)

and my counter was clean! (for the time being anyway)

some other books moved off of a dresser in the bedroom to this shelf too, opening up space for some items that had been just floating.

I have missed blogging and have been working in the craft room, but havent been taking pics (bad blogger! shame on me!) but I intend on posting some updated pics soon!

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