Thursday, November 25, 2010

Craft Room Overhaul Continues!

I'm sure all 5 of my followers are dying to know how my Craft Room Overhaul is going, no? oh well its getting better. Here are some updates...

After wanting to make a quick Thanksgiving card to go with my pumpkin cheesecakes for the nurses at the hospital, I decided unpacking and organizing all my papercrafting stuff needed to be next on the to-do list.
This is what it looked like after rummaging through boxes for the card supplies:
Remember that nicely cleaned off changing table?
Well in the last couple weeks, it became a landing spot for items that belong elsewhere when I was cleaning up before. Christmas items, Attic-bound items, and misc items that didnt belong in here.
Everything found its way home and it more resembeled the cleared off picture.
Until I used it for sorting as I unpacked the clear totes. I have bins for: Felt, Misc, Chipboard, Stamps&ink, Brads/embellies, Stickers, More stickers, Iron-0ns, Paint/glitter. and a pile for upcoming projects. Also, not pictured, i have boxes labeled: Cut, Glue, Ribbon, Keepsakes. and a box for blank cards.
Scrapbooking totes stack all gone!
most of the boxes had stacks of paper, for packing purposes, they were not all corralled so as I upacked the boxes, I filled up my new paper rack. It will not stay like this, must be more organized eventually, and i have a tote full of more various papers, so this is just a during picture:
Ok, so this post is just proof that I havent forgotten about this little project of mine while I was working on my other organizing endevors, like the Junk Drawer Clean-Up and Under Sink Re-Do
Next, I will be organizing the scrapbooking stickers!