Friday, November 26, 2010

sticker storage!

During my Craft Room Overhaul, I started unpacking and organizing my papercrafting supplies. I had organized them all before, but after loaning a box full of supplies to my aunt, taking supplies to my aunts home to do a scrapbook with extended family for my late uncle, and using some supplies from storage totes, (nothing ever got put away) things werent looking very pretty. All my scrapbook supplies were mixed up. Yesterday I sorted everything, today I organized the stickers.

When I started papercrafting a few years ago, I thought this would be perfect: its a Clip-It-Up Kinda spendy at $65... I do remember seeing tuturials online to make them though...

This idea from Club CK would have been a good DIY option:

look close, its a paper towel holder, page protectors with cardstock, and binder ring clips.

ETA: Check out "Martha Stacey"s Sticker storage idea too:
I had wanted to try to find a solution using stuff I already owned, I didnt feel like gathering supplies and my new hobbie was already costing me a few pretty pennies.
When I was working on my first scrapbook, I organized pictures, paper and stickers by using the album the finished pages would go into. This gave me an idea!

Having been out of college just a few years, I had a surplus of 2 things: 3 ring binders and page protectors. Seems like every class had a "notebook/binder" assignment. Many students would put their graded binders in a free bin in the student room. I took bunches home, pulled all the school work out of the page protectors and saved them for my own future assignments. I had more than enough, and still have all my finished graded binders, in storage.

After a few years of paper crafting, I have quite the sticker collection.
This isnt all of it, just some of the stickers that werent in binders from before.

Since my binders were already labled, I laid them out to use for sorting piles.
I have a binder for "words" "letters" "items" "seasonal" and after realizing how much baby girl stuff I had (intentions of making baby books for 2 neices last summer didnt happen) that has its own binder now too.

After all the stickers were sorted, I started filling the binders.

The "Items" binder has all the stickers organized by theme. There are pages for: animals, automobiles, birthday, food, play, beach, Vegas, school, work, and sports to name a few. Also scraps of paper that fit into these categories also went into the page protectors also, like the football paper did.
For all those stickers that had been seperated from their packaging, and cut apart on the backing (for trial placement) or were just in small packages, were all stapled onto a sheet of white printer paper to go into the page protector so that they dont just puddle at the bottom of the page/slide out it tipped.

Another option to solve the tiny individual stickers problem, use trading card page protectors. Stickers can be slid into the slots. I got like 10 sheets of these at a thrift store for $0.49 there are a few in each binder, for misc stickers.
After all the "item" stickers were organized, I moved onto "Letters" organized by color

Next, came the "seasonal" binder.

SIDENOTE: One way I found to help keep my home organized is that ANYTHING specific to one holiday/season or another is seperate from the rest of the stuff and stored until the time of year theyre used. I have a nice collection of pumpkin bowls/platters that I use for decor/serving thankgiving food. They are in a box in the attic until I bring out my fall decor. They dont take up precious space in my cabinets with my other dishes. I even keep past issues of magazines in the seasonal boxes so that when i pull my decor out for that season, I can re-read those magazines, rather than them taking up space on a shelf 11 other months out of the year

The seasonal scrapbook supplies dont go in the attic, since I do use them throughout the year, but they are seperate so i dont have to search past stickers of pumpkins and Santa while looking for footballs and hula dancers.

The "seasonal binder is organized chronologically, Happy New Year at the front, Thankgiving at the end (Christmas scrapbooking has its entire own tote, with paper, stamps etc)

There are lots of great sticker storage options out there, I like this solution because the binders can be placed on a bookcase, passed from scrapper to scrapper when working together, and I can easily flip through the books looking for stickers for whatever Im crafting at the time.


  1. Very good storage idea. Very detailed, love that. Thanks.

  2. I'm going to replicate this tonight. Thanks!!