Monday, November 15, 2010

Magnetic Calendar and Shopping list

On my recent shopping list, was "magnetict shopping list pad" (ironic, I know) and "small simple calendar"

Im sure I could have found one at Dollar Tree or someplace, but I wanted one and was at WalMart. Checking their stationary section, I found a magnetic shopping list for $4+ and there
were some non-magnetic Post-It list pads for $1. The $4 one had an ugly decorative border too. i thought, I can just Post-It the current list to the fridge until I find an affordable magnetic list pad.
Also in the stationary section of Wal-Mart, I got a calendar ($3) that was the same brand as the Post-It list, thinking it was also Post-It-able.

At home I found that the Calendar was NOT stickable, hmmmmmm. Then I got an AH-HA moment and remembered a magnet calendar (from 2007) that I had come across in my Craft Room Overhaul, not one to throw away something I can re-purpose, I had saved the magnet. Also I had "fridge declutter" on my "To-Do/To-Blog" list and I knew I had a handfull of useless magnets on the fridge also... (yes they were all PIZZA places, I had purged a bunch of magnets before I moved, but had a hard time throwing ALL of them away)

The wheels in my brain started turning, some creaking and squeeking and leftover Chex Muddy Buddies later, I decided how it would work:

I inserted them all, magnet side up, into my Xyron with a Pernament refill installed.

I had cut one of them in half, while still on the wax paper, to make it fit.(I had tested the magnet streghth by putting multiple magnets under the back page of both items and sticking it on the fridge, all the magnets I had were plenty strong enough.)

Project Cost:
List pad: $1
Calendar Pad: $3
Magnets: $free
about 6 inches of Xyron refill: $0.28

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  1. Hi, I came here from "I Heart Organizing". Is the xyron a laminator or what? I see that you have a photograph on one of the magnets. How did you attach the new designs on the magnets? Great idea!!

    Thanks, Katharine

    P.S. You can find great magnetic shopping lists at Michaels (probably at Hobbby Lobby too, but we don't have those in California).

  2. the Xyron is a sticker making machine, you can put anything flexible(paper, fabric, pictures) in one side and it comes out the other side with adhesive on the back, attatched to wax paper. the machine is $20-30 and refills (18ftx6inch) are $10. makes really easy work of scrapbooking and other paper crafts.
    the magnets were all just freebie magnets from pizza restraunts, but i know you can buy printable magnet sheets, Avery makes some.
    And yeah, I found a magnetic shopping list pad at wal-mart, in the grocery section for $2 today, but the one i made was still cheaper, and used up some magnets i would have thrown away, or had cluttering up space somewhere.