Monday, November 15, 2010

Quick Fridge Make-Over

So I have found the front of a fridge to get cluttered easily, and look cluttered even more easily. Mine is often covered in useless magnets, outdated notes/coupons, too-weak magnets(re-use idea here) etc.
Here is my super quick fridge front decluttering:


I just took everything off the fridge that was useless, or that wasnt pretty to look at, or that I didnt love.
left on my fridge (left to right) are:
Bag for can recycling, this will move to my new recycling area when my Craft Room Overhaul is done.
House Rules (written with my 4yr old nephew, when he comes over, I move them to the front of the fridge so he can see them, and we talk about them again each time, as a refresher)
Darling picture of 2 of my neices, I put in a picture hanging magnet (that was on the fridge, but empty in the before picture)
Magnetic Shopping/T0-Do list.
Magnetic Calendar.
Cute little magnet that reminds me to eat more veggies.

Great picture of my nephew and I baking cookies a few years ago, makes me smile when I see it from the stove area.
Conversion chart magnets for measuring ingredients and stuff.
Cheat sheet for my Tupperware Fridgesmart containers.
Easy reach potholder/hand towel Command Hooks. (click for the website and printable coupons!)

This is so much easier on the eyes, and helps the kitchen seem a little less cluttered.

ETA 1/19/11 I can assure you that the fride has stayed uncluttered! no new magnets. only the occassional post-it that was removed when finished doing its job, and only new item is a small stack of important papers clipped to the side, cant lose them! I even tried to keep the top uncluttered too!

Even though the Challenge was to clean the inside of the fridge, Im linking to A Bowl Full of Lemon's Day 16 Organizing Challenge, The Fridge

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