Monday, August 1, 2011

I haven't forgotten about the Craft Room Overhaul

I just, you know, had a baby n stuff. And by "n stuff, I literally mean stuff, that darn room has been a nasty catch all.

I've worked in there a few times since I last posted, but I was mainly just keeping afloat in there.

Recently, my in-laws have decided to apply for a new kind of home loan to lower interest rates. Part if the process is an appraisal. So for the last few days and next week or so, we are working hard to clean up.

I'm very happy to have the motivation, and happy the rest of my family does to, as my craft room isn't the only hot mess on the propert we share with the business and my in-laws.

I didnt take a recent before pic, but it's about the same as before, perhaps just a little different, same amount of stuff, just as disorganized.

Here are some current (still in progress) pics:

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