Saturday, August 20, 2011

clever title so you read this blog post (cricut giveaway, scentsy giveaway, babywearing discount)

Something tragic happened to some friends of  mine. Everything they owned was completely destroyed in a housefire. The home was shared by a set of twin sisters, their Nicks (both Nick, both in Coastguard), and their young boys. See more HERE (prepare for some tears)

Imagine what you would do, could do, if something like this happened to you. Do what you can to prepare. Get a firesafe. Test your smoke alarms. Hug your children. Imagine how grateful you would be for any and all help.

Their mom, fellow blogger At The Paper Midwife, is matching proceeds from a Scentsy party and entering orders there in a contest to win Scentsy money. Click Here for more info.

She is also accepting donations (via Paypal) in exchange for entries to win a Cricut Imagine and a bunch of extras to go with it. See Cricut contest HERE (scroll down past Scentsy stuff)

Please, donate for the shear contest reason, the good of it, for self gratification, whatever your reason, please. (see the first link above for non-monetary ways to help)

 Last but not least, BABY WEARING MAMAS:

From August 10th through the 30th, will be offering 15% off all orders with coupon code KORI. The 15% you save is the same amount Comfy Joey will match with a monetary donation to Kori and her family and also match it with a Comfy Joey GIFT VOUCHER to help Kori replace her lost baby carriers. Get a gorgeous sling at a discount and help a beautiful babywearing family rebuild their lives.

Wear your babies and treasure every moment. We would appreciate all effort in spreading word about these fundraisers and promoting them among your friends.

Feel free to post on blogs, FB pages and different forums.

PLEASE SHARE and help spread the word

Thank you!

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