Thursday, October 20, 2011


My amazing mom friend and her son made some adorable Halloween cards to mail out, I stole this idea from her.

First, I put Ellie in our travel high chair up on the counter so her feetsies would be accessable, then I distracted her with peahes.

Using white acrylic paint on a paper plate, I stepped her foot in it and onto black cards.

after all the black cards were stamped, I stamped a bunch of times onto some black card stock I had bought as back up in case her foot didnt cooperate on the other cards.

Then, I realized, I DO have some googly eyes in  my craft room! Hot glue + tweezers + ghost shape = scarey googly eyes. I used a sharpie for the mouth.

For the inside, I printed out a family photo and a message onto white card stock and wallet sized pics of just Ellie. I stamped on the "Happy Halloween" part to add something different. The card was glued to the inside of the card, the wallet was just slipped inside.

I learned that clear stamps can work with the acrylic paint, just have to dab gently and do a lot of tests, and not worry if it doesnt look perfect. I used the same BOO stamp with both the white paint on black and black ink on orange.

After doing the 20 cards that I bought pre cut/folded with envelopes, I realized that I needed more cards to mail out. I took the extra foot prints and some leftover orange cardstock from wedding crafts and made up a bunch  more.

Happy Haunting!

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