Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Label organization.

Yes, I know it's extreme (or awesome?) to organize organization supplies, that's how I roll. (just don't look at the rest of my house)
I relocated my computer and printer and a few other things organizing my craft room (yes it's been like a year and still hasn't been completely done yet) when I found a binder and my bin of printable labels.

I got a million labels(like 10 packages) at a yardsale for $1 (for all) last spring. They were just in their packages stuffed in this bin and when I needed to print some, I'd always grab the wrong one or more than one package would come out.
First I thought it'd be cool if I could hole punch them for the binder, then I thought of some page protectors I had.
I started by taking some dividers (half a package I had leftover from another binder I made) I had and putting them in page protectors so they'd be the same size with the tab sticking out. (I found in the past dividers don't work with the extra width of page protectors) I simply cut a slit in the edge of the protector where the divider tab would go and slid them in.
Next, I separated the labels into piles, I had lots of return address size and to: address size. I also had some large shipping labels and cd and file tab labels. I opened packages and slipped a stack of label sheets into page protectors. It took about 2 protectors per package of labels. When they were all in the binder I made labels with for the tabs, a binder cover and spine label.
The binder cover is sort of boring but when I get my household binder finished I will decide on a design theme for all my binders and remake the covers/spines to match.

All the packages went into recycling! (after cutting out the Box Tops for Education!)
I have accessed the binder since creating it and I did overstuff the page protectors a little, but it was so nice knowing right where to look!

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