Friday, February 3, 2012

Superbowl CupCake Tree

If you've seen my wedding blog, you've seen a Cupcake Tree transformation before. I gotta say, I love the CupcakeTree! We have used the same one for three weddings now and it's still just as sturdy as when I bought it! Bonus, it folds to a slim box between uses!
Since I knew Tresha of Pink Princess Cakes would be bringing some cupcakes to Superbowl this weekend, I decided to decorate it yet again! 
I started with a naked tree:

photo credit

(except I'm not using the bottom level)
I have used wrapping paper in the past but didn't have enough on hand and wanted to do this before shopping again, so I found a leftover rectangle green Dollar Tree tablecloth. (which, fyi is big enough to cover all the layers if cut logically, but if  covering the risers, I think another would have been nessesary, but 2x$1 is better than 2x$3 a roll for wrapping paper!) I cut around each circle and scotch-taped the plastic on.

(you can see where other paper was taped on and removed from before).
Next I used some white Duck tape, yes duck tape, not duct tape for the edges.
I worked in small sections, smoothing it on around the perimeters as cleanly as I could.

I opted not to cover the risers between layers this time, it wasn't worth the time, and besides, the guests will be paying more attention to the goodies than the cardboard. I do wish I had some end caps though.

The cheap plastic table cloth does allow some of the tape tears to show through, but once it is covered in cupcakes, no one will notice, nor care!

Next, I moved on to the top layer, I had a fun idea. 
I traced the sides of the circle and free-handed a football shape. I traced the template onto a piece of cardboard and cut it out.
Ellie woke up from her nap and came to help.

The brown cardstock really wasn't flexible or large enough, so we scrapped that idea. I found some brown wrapping paper though! (I taped the top layer circle to the underside of the football shape. (the circle has the holes for the risers to hold it into place securely)
Once the brown paper was down, I freehand cut some ball tip stripe things. I traced the better stripe twice onto a fresh sheet of cardstock as well as some threads.

I cut them out and ran them through my xyron. I stuck them on....
and assembled the tree.
I will be getting some white number stickers for next to the yard-lines.
I can't wait until it's covered in cupcakes!
I will update the post with final pics with and without cupcakes, I just wanted this to get posted before the big game!

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