Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Dessert

Using a knife, cut/break/shave the top off of as many eggs as you need. this really wasnt that hard. I only cracked one down the side, and used that as my hole, worked fine. 
we got a bag of 40 eggs for like $12 at Costco

You will want to prep the eggs and yolk first. The cheesecake sets up quickly and want to fill eggs before it sets up. 

you need a jello no bake cheesecake without the fruit topping. (or save the fruit for another use) you could also use a light orange jelly or apricot preserves for the yolk, I used lemon meringue

The meringue was too, uh, lemony colored (imagine that) so I added a couple drops of yellow food color. 

I didnt get pictures of the process, but you mix the cheesecake in the ziplock baggy per instructions on the box (you wont use the graham cracker crust). Snip the tip off the corner of the bag and pipe cheesecake in to each egg. then pipe a yolk on to the center of each egg. We had extra cheesecake and meringue so I piped them both into silicone cupcake cups to eat also. I estimate that 1 box could fill 20-30 eggs. If i were doing lots of eggs, I would not do a double batch of the cheesecake because it does set up quickly, i would do both batches separately. 
Then get a picture of all of the eggs instead of forgetting and then realizing when only one is left in the carton. 

Thanks family and friends for not wanting to be the one who takes the last egg. 

These were the perfect size if you had eaten a big lunch, snagged some of the kids candy, or got bunches of other goodies to eat.

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