Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Honeycomb Strawberries

This weekend we are having a Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party for my niece Sophia.

When I found these I knew immediately I could turn them into strawberries.

I de-strung them from the white ribbon and cut the lacy edges off (leaving the hole-punched top section).

I dotted the folded up edges with black Sharpie for seeds

opened up, the seeds are faint but I think it takes the heart look away. 

We had extra stems from another Strawberry project and they seemed to work well at the top. I cut a little slit in the middle and slid the hole punched section through.

I had to fold the curling ribbon to fit it through the hole.

All done. 

we opted to string them individually so we had more flexibility on where to hang them rather than a garland as they came. Planning this party we are realizing how easily a heart turns into a strawberry!

cost: 3.75 for a string of 7 hearts
we got 2 strings
These will look great hanging all over the back yard at the Strawberry Shortcake Party. 

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