Friday, August 31, 2012

FlyLady Baby Steps Start tomorrow.

I have done some of the baby steps already but not all and not consistantly. In my Flying group on Facebook, the admins are walking us through them again as a refresher. Click here for more information. I decided since the first step is to shine your sink, I got out of bed and went to shine mine, even though the kitchen is a wreck and I have party stuff to put away. Well when I got there, this is what I saw.

I had already shined it before I left for the party! I must be doing something right already!

The habit of the month for September is going to be the before bed routine, which is something I rarely do, since I dont have anywhere to go first thing in the morning, I dont feel its necessary to lay out clothes etc. This will be great for when school starts in 24 days though! So Im glad. Shining the sink is part of the BBR.

Each day this month I intend to participate in the baby step and keep up with previous steps. I will blog much of it!

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    I wanted to let you know about our new Flying Facebook group. It's called A Clean Slate. It's a closed group so whatever you post is not visible to your other friends. It's only seen by those in the group.

    We have three rules:

    1. No politics
    2. No religion
    3. Treat each other well

    It's a diverse group of women that encourage one another to complete daily tasks, keep up with Fly Lady’s routines and zone work. Please join us.