Monday, September 3, 2012

Baby Steps Day 2

I kept my sink shiny since Friday, it is very nice! Today is day 2. Baby Step: Get dressed to shoes, hair make-up. read more about the importance here.
I won't go into why this is important, you can read it on
I don't wear make up more than just very special occasions or when I feel like it for mildly special occasions. The habit I will be working on is brushing my hair thoroughly every day. I often just toss it in a messy bun around the house. Then it's a pain to brush when we go places, often I brush in the car on the way. Sometimes I just fix the messy bun. It's embarrassing. If I brush it in the morning as I'm getting dressed, it will be easy peasy to touch up on the way out the door. Today, I brushed my hair  and dressed to flip flops and we were off.
 Instead of lace up shoes, this is where my feet were.

I can say that I'm grateful for the bbr because we had a peaceful start to the day and were ahead of schedule to leave it wasn't a big deal when we had to pull over and deal with Ellie having thrown up in her car seat on the way.
At the end of the day, we got home and I washed the puke and beach laundry right away. Seeing my mostly clean house kept me calm and I was able to reflect on the nice day we had.
Then I remembered to check the mail (didn't get it yesterday) and my FlyLady Calendar came. I love it!!!! It's got huge lined squares, the stickers are fun too. I filled in as much as I could and hung it up. Then I checked to see if I could pay any more bills yet for September, just so I could mark paid on the calendar! 

Next I remembered we were focusing on the BBR, which includes taking care of a hotspot for 2 minutes. This is right next to my front door. I forgot to set the timer for 2 minutes bit it didnt take long at all. Mail is sorted and junk is recycled.I found better homes for a few things too. 

My sink was still shiney from yesterday since we didnt eat at home at all today. I had one thing to wash so I took care of it and dried the sink out. Im off to go brush teeth and head to bed (although not at a decent hour)

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