Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall Decorations

Starting at the fridge we will work our way around the room. Ill explain my fridge, I have a window cling leaf, my daily FlyChart, a fall-y note pad (I got it last year or the year before at a thrift store and I pack it up with my fall decor so I can use it again each year until the pages are gone. I love note pads. The magnet to the far right is photo holder that has the dinner plan from my meal planning system. I can then see what the plan is for preparations. Its a new system, It seems to work, so I intend to pretty this up a little.

This is the back of my front door (its metal) I added a fall ribbon to the Command Hook that holds the  FlyLady calendar up. To the left are some to-dos (DH's) and a bill to mail out. 

Even my key hooks got a little fall flair.

shelf in the entry way, a normal hot spot/launch pad. I don't do much launching currently, we stay home often and rarely need anything when we go, (the diaper bag stays stocked in the car). When school starts in a few weeks I will likely have my back pack on the floor here and anything else on the shelf. 

Window in the living room. Not sure how long the punkies in the windowsill will last with Ellie the mountain climber, but we will see. At least theyre not breakable. 

Kitchen counter bowl. Ellie has been sort of a picky eater lately, eating mostly fruit, so I hope keeping it in the fridge while this decor is here will keep it out of sight and she will eat more protein and veggies. 

Door to the craft room/office. I took down three little pictures that were where the cornicopia planter is. I found to prevent the room from looking too cluttered with decor, and for the decor to look right, its best to remove year round decor when putting up seasonal stuff. 
Top of TV, I need to re-hang the picture that normally hangs above the tv hiding the outlets. Theyre there if/when we ever get a flat screen wall mounted tv. You know when we come into some money. 
Door to the poker room
My shiny sink. 
Even the stove gets some love. 
A full on shot of the fridge, all the fall colored towels and wash cloths get packed up with the fall decor. Its nice to have some fresh colors in the kitchen. When I put fall decor towels in the bathroom on Thankgiving too. 
Shelves above the changing table in the bathroom
Above the toilet. I just got some shelves to put there though, which I hope to install in the next few days so this will likely change. 
Back of the bathroom door. He likes to watch us pee. jk, thats creepy. 
I also have a pumpkin shaped soap dispenser that I will be filling with orange soap, our current pump refill uses a clear soap though. There are more boxes in the attic, things like more placemats, throw pillows and blankets and a few more towels and the like are still up there. I will add to this post when I finish. I also hung decorations outside, but I intend to do quite a bit more out there, so I will probably do another post for outside. 

Early October, I swap some of the decor out for more Halloween-y decor. Early November, I swap the  Halloween for more Thanksgiving-ish stuff, turkeys, more pumpkins etc. 

Fall is my favorite time of year. It still feels like summer, especially because my school doesnt start until late September, and the weather has been pretty warm until yesterday. 

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  1. Great blog. I especially like the frig with calendar and meals. Going to check your ither bligs.