Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Grateful for: Toys R Us

So my pump died, (or so I thought) it just wouldn't turn on. I tested it plugged into a few outlets and no go.
I tried the battery pack, nope.
I called the insurance to see what they'd pay or how to get a pump. They'll reimburse up to $250 or I can order through an in-network provider. I call a provider and they can send me one of 4 different decent pumps, in 7-10 days. Not fast enough. So I run down to toys r us and put a new one on my empty TRU credit card. At the checkout she says "this takes 8 batteries do you want to add those?" and I think "weird my dead one only takes 4." But I say "no thank you". I get it home, still thinking about the batteries because I really thought that it was a power issue since the pump didn't slowly die or make any odd noises or anything. Sure enough my (not actually) dead pump's battery pack does actually take 8 batteries. The battery pack has 2 (4 each) battery compartments. Tried it again and it worked!
So thank you and your "suggest batteries on electronics orders at checkout" sales policy for saving me $230 (well the hassle with my insurance to get it reimbursed). The new pump was $260 and the power adapter replacement was only $30.

So now I will do a little more research and find out which pump I would like the insurance to send me whenever I need it.

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