Monday, July 7, 2014

Tub Declutter

I was pretty tired of this hot mess:  

So I bought one of these a few months back:

Better Living Products Clear Choice Dispenser IV Four Chamber Shower Dispenser, White
And had found one of these at a yard sale for $4 last summer:

This will declutter bath toys from the floor in the bathroom where the old basket was.

But the perfectionist procrastinator I am, I put off installing it until I could get all the iron off the walls.
Which will likely never happen. So I decided I just had to clean the one wall for now, install, and perhaps the decluttered tub will inspire me to clean the tub walls.


The hooks, razor holders and soap dish are all are command brand.
The little frog is a sub spout cover for when my kid takes baths. The lower razor holder has bath crayons in it. I still need another command soap dish, but I bought the last one in the store.

I put away the cast cover (which was from like 9 months ago) and purged some shampoos and soaps we didn't like to be used to clean the toilet later.

You can see my shower curtain is pretty badly stained. I simply buy a new one whenever I feel like it, rather than struggle to get it clean.

Side by side:

This does not show how there was a bunch of toys on the floor!
I am really happy with how this turned out. Even though the rest of the walls are still stained. I scrub at the walls a little bit each time I shower, and hubby has been squeegeeing the tub walls more now that the tub is less cluttered.

I later got another soap dish and it is above the crayon cup on the far right side of the after picture now.
I may buy another dispenser for bubble bath and kid shampoo, since those are the only bottles left.

In these pictures
Command Soap Dish 
Command Razor Cup
Frog Pod
Command Hooks 
Clear Command Hook (although this fell once, but I just stuck it back up and it has held, I wouldn't recommend the clear ones for showers, it is just what I had. )
Shampoo Dispenser 
Spout Cover 
Similar Squeegee
Goat Milk Soap  (for the babies)
Shower Curtain

(these are not affiliate links, but I do work for Amazon so might as well encourage you to shop there, right?
actually, before checking out go to and find Nursing  Mother's Counsel of Oregon, or your favorite charity so a portion of your purchases will go to them!)

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