Friday, September 26, 2014

Another decent day

So every other Thursday I volunteer a warm line phone shift for the nursing mothers counsel. I've been doing it for months and finally got an actual call from someone needing actual support. (Ive only ever had business related or telemarketing calls before). I hope I was able to help.

So I started my day actually getting up and dressed and glancing at the calendar and remembered to set up the NMC call forwarding. Took my meds and put away a load of laundry. Then got a bottle ready in the fridge and sat down to pump. Ellie wakes, and, accustomed to having "morning milky" in bed, snuggles on the couch for some. After a few minutes I got a NMC call and hid in my office to talk. Ended up talking for a decent amount of time then had some after call work to do. By this time it was nearly 10:45 and Ellie had fallen back to sleep on the couch. I swept the living room floor so Penny could crawl around and not try to eat anything dangerous. I nursed Penny a bit and poured Mikey some cereal (I offered eggs) and went to work. Forgot to eat breakfast myself.

On my break from work I nursed Penny, pumped and made myself oatmeal to eat when I got back to work (we have a team meeting directly after my break on Thursdays so I am able to eat).

On my lunch break I guided Ellie making lunch, (score for unschooling math, science, using scissors and involving Ellie- even if all we ate was breakfast "corn dogs" aka sausage wrapped in pancake on a stick). Then nursed penny nearly back to sleep before returning to work.

After work, My MIL had brought home (we live on the same property and often eat together in the shared home theater) sandwiches for dinner and we watched football. (They did, I relaxed some, ate, then rebooted laundry and cleaned my kitchen a bit while grandma held baby). I set Ellie up with a craft activity- real dried leaf collage with markers and glue on recycled cardboard (score for that) while I worked .

When MIL left, Penny played on the floor a bit then went in the Boba on my back to finish up the dishes. I set Ellie up with a movie in our bedroom which she wasn't interested in. Penny fell asleep on my back so I kept working picking up the house (it's still a wreck though) since I knew she wouldn't transfer well. I got a load of towels folded onto the changing table in the bathroom (didn't wanna bend down to put them away) a mountain of dishes washed, kitchen swept, shoes picked up and recycling sorted.
I cleaned for nearly all of Wall-E.

Once Penny woke I took a break then put the towels away and picked up a basket of laundry in the bathroom then read to Ellie while Penny played.

When we came to bed Ellie declared that she wanted popcorn with Wall-E. (which was long over) I told her tomorrow we could but she was upset so I suggested she write a reminder.
(Score for turning a potential tantrum-ish into literacy activity.)
So she wrote a note with help spelling, but she did sound out quite a few letters and wrote them all herself. "Ellie wants to play games and eat popcorn".

Pics: the floor before I got it clean, the baby I kept happy and fed and my literary genius.

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