Monday, September 22, 2014

Movie Moving and office organization

Our current project is to move our movie library down stairs and move our office/craft/pantry stuff into the space that was the movie library and game room.

So we weren't even sure if it was physically possible to move the movie book cases down (they were moved around a little during the remodel 4years ago but not down the stairs).
But we had to try.
We enlisted the help of 3 friends, 2 guys and a gal.
Mikey boxed up 2 book cases to start, labeling each box with the shelf # and A or B. As soon as the guys got bookcase A downstairs the gal friend unpacked boxes 1a-12a and the guys worked on moving bookcase B. As soon as she had the A boxes emptied I started boxing up the next A bookcase and she worked on unpacking B boxes, the guys moved the bookcases as soon as they were empty and carried the full boxes down and empty boxes up and helped pack/ unpack as they had time. We continued on this way until all 7 bookcases were moved down and most movies put away.

These pictures are already-started and after. The true before-pics would show stacks of games on top the book cases and the shelves would be full and the play table was covered in toys.
The play table has been emptied and legs taken off to get it out of the way.

Most of the random stuff on the tables has been put-away.

I also organized the attic better to make room for stuff (attic- bound stuff tends to pile up in this room and I'm storing some of the stuff that was in the office since I really don't need it constantly.)

So far I moved my misc dresser, my home- management desk/bookshelf and the small blue dresser over.

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