Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Quit the lazy! Or Why do I get motivated to make changes in my life late at night when Im in bed?

I'm laying in bed thinking of how little I did today. (reading blogs about other people who are also not so great at the housekeeping job bestowed upon them) The house is in shambles and I even considered getting the baby walker (we use it when Penny is hanging out downstairs for short periods of time because it is no where near safe for her to crawl around) for her so I could get some cleaning done (gasp! I am really not a fan of them!). Instead I just held her or watched her while she played on the floor and had to keep stopping her from eating random garbage and small items. Not a good use of my time.
I'm getting up right now at 12:27am to clean the bathroom. (Since the kids are sleeping I can't clean in the main room of the loft- kitchen , living room, and bedroom).

I'll be back when bathroom is good or a kid wakes.


Ok I'm back, got the counter sparkling and the toilet as clean as it'll get tonight.

Then hubby got home and needed to mess it up, so I decided to risk working in the kitchen quietly with just the over-sink light.

I decided to start on the end of the counter and work in, I got quite a bit picked up and put away.
There is still a mountain of dishes. Because dishes are noisy.

In my defense I wasn't completely lazy today, I did get my freezer and small pantry shelves moved over to the new room earlier today. (these are before pictures)

I also put away a half basket of laundry and picked up 2 more baskets and worked (for pay!) 6 hours, kept my kids alive (here is proof:)

and gave Penny a sink bath and changed 4 poopy diapers (plus pee ones too of course) and mopped a pee accident and pumped 3 times to get 6 ounces. Oh and I vacuumed the open area in the living room (thanks to broken glass jar this morning). And I tidy'd my desk while working. So not too shabby of a day!

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