Friday, July 27, 2012

Bathroom clean-up

we have ironbacteria in our well so our water stains everything it touches this beautiful rust color. misc clutter on the counter and whatnot

diaper changing table with un-stuffed cloth diapers (underneath is a bunch of dust bunnies and random stuff I am sure.)

shelves above the changing table for changing and baby care items. hooks under the shelves for airing wiped clean diaper covers. 

overflowing garbage can and more beautiful rust-colored water stains

Now for the afters:

clutter put away and counter wiped down

diapers stuffed and straightened and floor swept, including underneath

shelves decluttered and random hanger put away

garbage emptied and toilet wiped down

the entire job took just 2 15 minute sessions.

ETA: doing the swish and swipe daily since I began learning to FLY has kept this bathroom looking great. Potty Learning has helped too, whenever Ellie is on the potty I look around for something to pick up, put away or clean up. The tub is very much stained and with just a few minutes scrubbing the stain away when Ellie is on the potty or taking a bath should get it clean again in no time. 

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