Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bathroom toiletries purge. Day 4 Zone 3 De-Clutter Games

The Event was to head to the main bathroom and toss out/give away old make-up, perfume, lotions, etc. in order to do that, I had to do some sorting and organizing to get to everything. It had been awhile since I cleaned up the bathroom cabinet. There were untouched items in there ever since and I was feeling more generous.

A few days ago, during an impromptu Ellie bathtime, I was able to do a fun 27 thing fling. I combined all 3 "hair" drawers into 1. Ellie's hair pretties had just been kinda stuck in random places so I made one of the drawers hers and picked 27ish hair ties/headbands to give away.

Bathroom cabinet before the purge (after combining the 3 hair drawers into one)

BOTTOM shelf Before


(i actually had another shoebox for the items overflowing in the top right box.)

I got rid of all of the expired, old, yucky, or toxic medicines, lotions etc. Any that were still good but that I wont use, went in the GIVE AWAY pile and packed up into the box with hair ties and other random stuff. I put a hook up for my seldomly used hair dryer, I need another hook for my pink/black travel toiletries bag in the back.



(not pictured are a big bag of magazines my husband doesnt like to throw out. They moved to his space)

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