Sunday, July 22, 2012

I'm a FLYbaby

I've decided to follow FLYLady's plan to get in to better house-upkeep routines and declutter and organize.
I've been practicing her first few baby steps. Shine your Sink, Lace up Shoes, and Swipe n Swish. I have also been setting a time for 15 minutes at a time to clean. The bonus is that cleaning burns calories which follows along with my other personal improvement goal.

I've been keeping busy cleaning amd not being lazy last few days and I like it.

Tomorrow begins The Bedroom Zone where my decluttering is focused around the bedroom. I did some of this not long ago and moved a dresser in and some too small clothes out. I intend on purging a few pairs of shoes and some more pants this week.

I intend on posting quick from-my-phone updates on here on a somewhat regular basis, I hope you enjoy!

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