Tuesday, July 24, 2012

FLYing Day 4

I woke up, got dressed to shoes, brushed hair, teeth, and washed my face. I did a swipe and swish last night so didn't need to again. Then I got the baby a healthy breakfast and then did the rest of my morning list: Made the bed,
I gathered a couple stray laundry items and sent a basket down with DH to start when he checked on his dad (we live on the same property as my in-laws and share their washer/dryer.)
I checked the calendar and asked DH for any to-dos. I filled up my water bottle and had a nice long drink and made myself a measured out portion controlled breakfast and logged it on my myfitnesspal.com app.
Enjoyed my shined sink 

and did dishes from yesterday (I couldn't do them last night because we are in a loft and dishes tend to wake the baby.)
After breakfast I
I took this picture: 
I set the timer for 15 minutes and got to work. 

After 15 minutes: 
Ellie's clothes are all away except dresses because the hanging bar fell down.

-I decided what was going to be for dinner- Parmesan Encrusted Tilapia, green salad, watermelon and pasta.
-I managed 19 minutes of loving movement/ exercise on the Wii Fit.
-The next thing on the list was to remove the trash from the bedroom, there was very little trash in there but I did that first and came back to finish the corner I started. At the end of the day it looked like this: 

throughout the week I will be working on my wardrobe and under the bed. 

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