Saturday, July 28, 2012

Entrance Event 1 De-clutter Games Days 1 and 2

During day 1 of the FlyLady Olympics, I went a little overboard and without realizing it, I did day 2 also. My home is pretty small, so my entrance is pretty small also. There wasn't much trash and recycling and after picking that up, I decided to just keep going and put away things that didn't belong also, this ended up being day 2's challenge, which was great because we had a busy day on Saturday.. 
the cabinet in the entry way is a hotspot for dumping whatever we bring into the house or for whatever needs to leave the house. It is a constant struggle because Ellie climbs on the end of the couch and can reach about half of the cabinet. 

after a short 10 minutes, everything is put away. I used to have a basket on the top shelf for wallets, keys and sunglasses. I had repurposed it elsewhere so I found the new purple one. There were things here and on the couch that belonged to other people, they were gathered in bags and put in the trunk of the car. 

behind the door is a coat rack and cabinet and hooks for brooms etc. 
I took the reusable bags to the car, cleared out some coats and picked up all the random stuff in the corner. 

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