Monday, July 23, 2012

Schoolwork Desk

Even though it wasnt the FLY zone this week, I had about an hour and a half with no kid this afternoon so I decided to work in my craft room, (its easier to work in the rest of the house with her) I picked up and put away random stuff at first then decided to target one space- what is supposed to be my schoolwork / household CEO station.
Here is some befores:
It could use a couple more minutes and my label maker but the baby woke up so I snapped those pics and went to bed.

Empty notebooks, spirals, and folders are together with dividers and notebook paper, textbooks and past terms classwork is on the top shelf. Household stuff is grouped.

Clearing off everything that didn't belong, I made myself put it away (as much as I could, some items are in temporary albeit logical homes) rather than just pile it on another surface.
It's great because I need to organize some bills and figure out some school stuff and now I have an inviting space to use.

Now for the Afters:

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