Tuesday, December 7, 2010

{30 Day Blog Challenge} Day #7 my dream wedding

(I missed yesterday, oh well I didnt really have a good answer anyway.)

Day 7 - Your dream wedding.

First some of my favorite girls will help me get ready.

Then, before we can get started, some important people must be seated: Then our amazing attendants will come in: And because its VERY important for brides to walk on flowerpetals before they get married:

Then as I have always dreamt of:
My 2 big brothers will walk me down the aisle. This moment in my memory makes me tear up most times I think about it. Even before it happened. The morning of the wedding, I couldnt sleep, I laid in bed imagining the wedding and this moment made me cry like a, well bride on her wedding day. I still get choked up looking at these pictures.

2 more of my darling neices were my train carriers.

I will meet my Groom, my Love at the front for a few gushy words... Blah Blah Blah....

After the ringbearers will bring up the rings, we give them to eachother:

And because by then we couldnt wait any more, we kiss!

and then we love happily ever after... Well... not until we have cake anyways

A few more details about this dream, we re-entered the room to "His Cheeseburger" by VeggieTales. Its the most romantic song ever.

We served basic food, the highlight was over 400 hand made cupcakes made and decorated by me and my wedding fairies. Topped with a jumbo cupcake made and decorated by my great friend, owner of Pink Princess Cakes.

My Something Old New Borrowed Blue:

  • My Love had given me Citrine Earrings for Christmas, not very old, but aside from the veil, it was the oldest thing I wore.
  • Both my dress and matching necklace to the earrings were new, it was my wedding gift from my now husband.
  • I borrowed my mother's veil, altered slightly to add my colors.
  • My mom used scrap fabric from my bridesmaid's blue dress to make me a garter belt.
  • And I had a sixpence in my shoe, my father in law gifted it to me for good luck.

It meant a lot to me to have my entire immediate family involved in the ceremony. Family is important to both my husband and I. This is the 23 (going on 25) of us. My Parents, Siblings, Siblings' spouses, neices nephews, my Husband and I.

The wedding was held in our home theater/ shop. The weather was unpredictable that day, and we were very concerned that it would start to down pour right when I had to walk out my upstairs door and down the deck and through the building for the grand entrance. Luckily, the downpouring stopped about an hour before the wedding, so I didnt have to walk down the inside stairs: it was hard enough to walk with my brothers holding my arms, me and stairs dont like eachother much.

My Dream came true on 10-10-10 and everyday I imgine that I couldnt be happier, and everyday, I find that yesterday, I was wrong.

more wedding details can be found at my wedding blog including handmade invitations, floral, decorations and other misc stuff.


  1. Holy cow - over 400 handmade cupcakes? As if you're not busy enough before a wedding :) Way to go!

  2. yeah people thought i was crazy. it wasnt too hard, thanks to an early wedding gift from my aunt and uncle, i had a completely empty freezer, so we baked them all the weekend before, then pulled them out the thursday before and had a frosting party on friday before the wedding. a few last minute decorations were done (like adding frozen strawberries to the strawberry cheesecakes ones) as they were being put in the cupcake tree. I wouldnt have been able to do it had i not had some amazing friends to help.