Wednesday, December 1, 2010

{30 Day Blog Challenge} Day #1

Taking cue from Ciao Bella, Im going to try to follow along with the challenge! Christmas is coming, so we will see how I do.

Check out the challenge here.

Day 1 - A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was. I chose this picture because I really enjoyed playing mom and teaching my kid sister how to do some cooking in preperation for Thanksgiving. this is us, cutting celery for the stuffing. She did great, and we still have all of our fingers! I love how pregnant I look in this picture. I can't wait to get to teach my daugher how to cut celery.

How did my day go? Well, woke up thinking my headache was finally gone, (had it since Monday eventing) I planned to finally get the Thanksgiving/fall decor packed up and put in the attic, so I can get the Christmas stuff down.
...but it came back as soon as i got out of bed. I did a lot of nothing until we got a call from the vet. Our bull dog Annie has a UTI and we opted to get her a shot instead of the oral pills, life had been kinda out of the ordinary lately with my father-in-law in the hospital and the holiday planning, so we decided it was worth the extra $ to get the 1 time shot rather than remember to give her pills a few times a day (although Im sure she would have liked the spoonfulls of peanut butter we hide it in).

This afternoon, I decided to call the midwife about my headache since Tylonal, laying down, darkness, chocolate and water wasnt helping. She suggested trying some caffeine. After my nap, I had a cup of strong tea and a can of Pepsi, which seemed to help the dose of Tylonal actually work for about 3 hours. Its coming back though, if this dose of Tylonal doesnt work, I will call the midwife on call.

In other news, my father-in-law is well enough to come home tomorrow, which we, including Annie, are all very happy about. This really lifts some worry stress off of our shoulders even as it adds some additional work stress on them. We can take care of him here at home.

Tomorrow, this headache better be GONE, I have some housework to catch up on, some decorating to do, an appointment to go to, and a dad to welcome home. Also, I should eat something interesting so I can take a good picture for tomorrow's challenge.

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  1. Glad you're joining in on the challenge, too! Should be fun! :)