Friday, December 3, 2010

Bow Wreath, the lazy way.

Im sure you have seen something, In a home goods store, craft fair, thrift store, or favorite etsy store, and thought, "hey, I could make that!"

Sometimes, you have to stop and ask yourself "but will I?" "how much is it worth to me to have been the one to have made it?" "Will mine even turn out better?" "How much will the supplies cost?" "how much time do I want to put into this?"

I had one of those moments at the Humane Society Thrift store one day looking for cheap Christmas decor when I saw this:

Thinking, "thats just a bunch of store bought bows glued to a wreath form. Ive worked with wreath forms before (spring and 4th of July) , I can make that"

I took a look at the back and sure enough, theyre just hot-glued on there.

and then I noticed the price, $2. hmm there are lots of goodies in my shopping basket already... I have some random bows in my Christmas wrapping box, and even more I found when I organized my other wrapping supplies. But I wasnt sure if I would have enough of coordinating colors, but bows are cheap right? Then I remembered that the only wreath forms at Dollar Tree were pretty small. I decided that making a wreath like this would cost more $ and take lots more time than buying it.

Although I get satisfaction in crafting, I knew I would have lots to do this month, and I would be prouder of other craft items, I didnt need to make a wreath for this holiday too.

So I gave my $2 to the poor homeless animals and saved myself time, energy and money.

There are lots of great wreath ideas out there, but I needed something that is weather resistant. we have NO cover or overhang of any kind out our front door, yet.

Here is a great looking wreath from Atelier Caroline

I'm thinking I have bunches of tulle left over from the wedding, and tulle is cheap, and for the most part water proof, so I might make one like this for the other door...

Tammy from The Sweet Spot made her wreath using stuff from the Dollar Tree:

Im thinking, could even be done with pieces of plastic shopping bags from the recycling and a bent wire hanger as the base...

Alex at Crafting with my Cub even made her gorgeous wreath for $6.

I have lots of miscellaneous ornaments and a blank wreath I could attatch with hotglue...

Nope, (so far), Ive taken the easy way out. Don't judge, I'm toting around a canteloup in my belly, just came off a 3 day migraine, and Dad-in-law just came home after 11 days in the hospital. So Im not ashamed of my lazyness.

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  1. Thank you so much for the feature! I feel so honored. And you are right. This can be done with a wire hanger. That is the way it was done in Family Fun magazine, where I got the idea in the first place. But, I had no idea where to find a wire hanger. So, I was super happy to find the wire form at the Dollar Store. And I love the plastic shopping bag idea! So jealous that I didnt think of that! Thanks again and have a great weekend.

  2. I love looking at wreath ideas, I saw yours on momnivores dilemma linky party- keep creating!

  3. Thanks so much for linking up to Creative Juice Thursdays...

    Hope to see you back this week for round two! (Link will be up Wednesday night and I will announce the featured bloggers as well!)