Friday, December 17, 2010

my to do list today!

today i am going to get stuff done!

i took a photo to-do list:

wash blanket pile from when we dog-sat... pack up un-used christmas decor, unpack bags from the christmas goody making party... put away clean dishes... clear off counter... clear off door-side dresser for nativity scene... unpack suitcase from when we thought we might spend the night in town... another bag from goody making party, clean out punch cooler... clear off and pretty up couch...

off to start some laundry (so i can wash those blankets)

i will check back later today!

EDITED 10/18/10
So, I was wrong. After starting laundry, putting away clean dishes and filling up the drying racks with newly cleaned dishes, and about half clearing the counter, I got sick. Its crazy, like I'm getting morning sickness again. I know some women have it all through the pregnancy, but mine went away for almost an entire trimester. Grr. So I was entirely unproductive most of my day. Well except for beating my high scores on several facebook games and the quality time with my comforter and pillows.
Oh well.

I did end my day well, was feeling better around 6 and went to dinner and a movie with my hubby and his parents. Very much enjoyed the movie despite Braxton Hick's starring role.

Today is a new day. I got outta bed earlier than usual, 10 something. And already organized my christmas gift wrap, and made a shopping list. Then my headache came back and I'm in bed again. This shouldn't last long, I've got a todo list todo.

EDITED 10/19/10
Ok so again not long after posting this yesterday, I got to feeling icky and went to bed for a bit, then we had a wake to go to and some Christmas shopping to do.

Today wasnt much more productive. Got up way earlier than usual to take my mommy out to breakfast, then did a little shopping, by the time we got home, I was dirt tired and took an extra long nap. But after that, I have unpacked some of those bags, did most of the dishes (they will never be done!) Finished with some Christmas goodies, put some laundry away.

Before bed tonight, I will FINISH the people Christmas goodies, start the dog Christmas goodies, finish putting away laundry and wrap the like 5 gifts sitting ready to wrap.

will update when done.

EDITED: 12/20/10
last night, i finished completely the people christmas goodies, didnt start the dog goodies as i was getting bunches of contractions, i did put all the laundry away. The dishes have been done for the most part each day lately, so the dish drying rack can be checked off the list, even though its full again. I got up an hour ago and wrapped all the gifts that were wrappable.

so this list is taking me days, thats ok, as long as i am productive as much as i feel i can be, been getting naseaus a lot lately, Im ok with that.

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  1. Hi hope you are feeling better. I was lucky I never got sick while pregnant. Hope you are going well I the to do list. Me not so good lol